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Inspire Tennis conducts Cardio Tennis training programs at our tennis club venues on Sydney’s North Shore. Cardio Tennis is an official tennis training program of Tennis Australia. It is one of the fastest growing programs, helping people across Australia improve fitness in an outdoor social environment.

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What is cardio Tennis?

If you love tennis and want to get fit whilst having fun, then Cardio Tennis Sydney is perfect for you!

Cardio Tennis is a high-energy tennis training workout that improves your fitness and also works on your tennis technique. It is a great way to lose weight and get fit!

The focus of Cardio Tennis drills is on fitness training and getting a great cardiovascular workout, rather than actually “playing” tennis. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had tennis lessons before, our Cardio Tennis Sydney sessions are open to people of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels.

Cardio Tennis drills are geared towards keeping tennis players in their target heart-rate zone. The aim is to burn the most calories and get the best workout possible in the hour long Cardio Tennis coaching sessions. Men can burn between 500-100 calories in one Cardio Tennis Coaching session, whereas women can burn between 300 and 500 calories.

Benefits of Cardio Tennis Training Program

  • Improve tennis player skills and fitness
  • Lose weight and stay motivated
  • Meet new people in a fun and social group environment.
  • Accessible to people of all tennis and fitness abilities.
  • It’s fun and entertaining with a variety of Cardio Tennis drills and exercises with great music
  • It’s energising and you’ll feel great afterwards

Features of Cardio Tennis Training:

  • Music – A fun feature of cardio tennis training that keeps people movitvated is the music. Studies show that people train 33 per cent harder and their endurance improves 15 per cent if they train with music.
  • Heart rate monitors – Heart rate monitors are an essential part of Cardio Tennis as they not only track your progress during the workout but enable the Cardio Tennis coach to manage the group according to different fitness levels.
  • Modified Tennis Balls – Cardio Tennis is played with modified tennis balls allowing players of all standards to rally with one another.


How much does a Cardio Tennis Training session cost?

The price of Cardio Tennis Training sessions may vary between each of our tennis club venues. On average you can expect to pay between $20-$25 per session. Discounts available for full term commitment and for members.

There’s an Inspire Tennis Cardio Tennis Training venue near you

Our Cardio Tennis Sydney tennis club venues include:

Tennis gear is available for hire or purchase at our Pro Tennis Shop at Killara Lawn Tennis Club. Tennis equipment includes: Tennis racquets, tennis balls, tennis shoes / womens tennis shoes, tennis grips, tennis bags and more.

Inspire Tennis runs Cardio Tennis training sessions throughout the week, during the day and evening. Contact us on (02) 9498 1902 for more information.

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